Social Intelligence Government Solutions

Social Intelligence Government Solutions

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Social Intelligence Government Solutions, a division of OMNIPLEX offers the following products:


OMNIPLEX Background Investigations provide crucial information that can help determine whether an individual is suitable to hold a security clearance or a position of public trust. 


Continuous Evaluation

Continuous Evaluation provides a powerful and cost-effective way to monitor a subject’s ongoing online activity across the deep web. Our monitoring tools search the Internet for new activity relating to agency defined filters, uncovering information that can mitigate the insider and perform valuable threat and risk assessments.


Program Integrity

Billions of dollars each year are lost to improper payments due to Healthcare Fraud, Entitlement Abuse, and other inappropriate claims payouts. Using our Program Integrity Solutions, fraudulent activity is discovered through online data and previously unsearched locations, saving the organization from paying out unnecessary dollars.



Our Data Aggregation & Identity Resolution Software Tools allows the user to immediately aggregate publicly available online data and have extreme confidence that the information returned is concerning the proper individual. This combined method of data aggregation with identity resolution algorithms allows the user to immediately make risk decisions upon completion of a search.


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Social Media is Transforming The Security Clearance Process

Social Intelligence Government Solutions enables organizations to leverage high-value online data for national security, background investigations, program integrity, insider threat detection, and more. Our custom-tailored solutions combined with our subject matter expertise enable agencies to fully utilize the internet as an intelligence source.