OMNIPLEX Acquires Government Solutions from Social Intelligence Corp.

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Chantilly, VA (Jan. 13, 2016) – OMNIPLEX World Services Corporation (OMNIPLEX) has acquired the government solutions business from Social Intelligence Corporation (Social Intelligence), the leading provider of social media and online data analytics for use in national security, background investigations, and insider threat detection.  This acquisition significantly expands OMNIPLEX’s capabilities so that it can now include social media and publicly available electronic information into the background investigations that it already provides to federal, state, and local governments and contractors. 

Many government agencies are exploring this requirement in their security processes given the increasing importance of social media and electronic information as a source of background information.  The acquisition includes the proprietary technology and algorithms used to effectively provide crucial information to help determine the trustworthiness of individuals seeking a security clearance or position of public trust.

“Social media and publicly available electronic information vetting is the next step in enhancing the clearance process and we are pleased to be on the leading edge of this technology,” OMNIPLEX Chairman of the Board Philip T. Sweeney said.   “We hope this technology will provide high-value online data for national security, background investigations, program integrity, insider threat detection, and more.”

A provision of the recent 2016 omnibus spending bill recommends that “social media” checks be used in the security clearance and background investigation process. The Social Intelligence technology ensures privacy standards are upheld and provides a framework for the government to utilize social media data legally and with sensitivity to privacy and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) protection requirements.

“OMNIPLEX and Social Intelligence have had an effective partnership in the past, becoming the first to incorporate social media vetting into the national security background investigation process. With this transaction, OMNIPLEX can offer more comprehensive solutions to support the personnel and industrial security programs of government agencies, as well as apply social media vetting for fraud, waste and abuse, and program integrity missions,” said OMNIPLEX President and CEO Michael S. Santelli.

"Social Intelligence Corporation has been a leading provider of social media data and Publicly Available Electronic Information since 2010. OMNIPLEX is the perfect fit to uphold the Social Intelligence legacy and carry on this innovative capability in the Government Sector.  Many of the federal government agencies that we have worked with in the past are also customers of OMNIPLEX, which conveys continuity of mission, as well as established trust and credibility," said Social Intelligence CEO Max Drucker.

Former Social Intelligence Operations Manager Steve Lewis has joined OMNIPLEX as the Director of Social Intelligence Government Solutions. Mr. Lewis is a former Defense Intelligence Senior Leader with over 30 years of national and international security experience. Additional Social Intelligence professionals will join the OMNIPLEX team in Chantilly, VA; Grove City, PA; and Santa Barbara, CA. Going forward, the business will be known as Social Intelligence Government Solutions, a division of OMNIPLEX. 

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